Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday This is Your Spell - Enchanting an Item

Enchanting an Item
The purpose of carving Runes on specific objects is to essentially bless and dedicate them to their specific tasks. The Runes are  of invocation to make their attributes purer, stronger, and more reliable. Enchanting ones drinking horn or sword was an extremely common practice. Drinking horns were carved to enchant the drink it held, or to detect poison. Usually sounding horns were carved to sound true and over long distances.
For Swords, the enchanting normally called upon its strength, sureness of stroke, sharpness, etc.. Blades were also named, for naming a thing gave it it's identity and personality. To this end we have essentially created something which is partially "aware" in the astral realm. A sword's name usually corresponded with its function or desired result. "Helm Splitter", "Ever Bright" , etc.. In the case of my ceremonial sword, I have named it "Veil Cleaver" for its ability to define and cut through the "veils" of reality and the planes on which we work.
Start with candle light, incense, and low playing music. Music for this type of work may be a Richard Wagner piece.. (that's pronounced Rikhard Vaagner). With all elements and tools within your reach, create your Sacred Space. Open a path to your patron deity and ask for their guidance. Offer up the item and call upon those you wish to help enchant it. Each deity has their own particularities and qualities -  remember the path you chose and why you are dedicating this. Next, smudge the item with the incense. This should be prepared for cleansing the item and help bias it with the properties you will later instill (i.e. Astral, Truth, Defense, Healing). Hold the object close and let your energy wash it. Fill it with the energy you wish it to have. Like the candle or the oils, what we need to possess qualities we must first place therein.
After charging the item, meditate on it. Visualize your use of it. Walk though its properties and how it helps you. Pick it up again and continue to reflect on these visions, the feelings. We are programming it, making it our own, and fashioning its purpose. Once done, paint or carve the Runes you have already designed. Unless your instinct is well defined, I strongly recommend thinking very carefully before marking any object irrevocably. Not only physical marks, but the astral marks it will bear from the energy you are etching upon it.
Upon finishing the Runes, seal it with an oil or the drop of wax. This in effect states you are clearly finished with that phase of the rite, putting the period to the binding of the Rune. Sit a while, meditate, clear your mind and feel the object. Sense it in the now, and beyond. Open your channels and see how it moves energy. After satisfactory calm and meditation, lay the object down, clean your circle, and close.
Let the object "cool" overnight.
Other Tips:
As I stated previously, all the efforts you put into something is what you
can expect back. IF you feel comfortable, you can start more complex rituals
and Rune Magics by tying them in with other elements such as Moon phases,
Astrology, Crystals and stones, group circle rituals, etc...

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