Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Make A - Potpourri Pie

Potpourri Pie

This is both a decorative and a functional project. This pie REALLY appears to be a freshly baked pie when completed! The large quantity of potpourri gives it it's aroma for a very long time. We feel you will enjoy having as well as making this "Potpourri Pie" It also make a great gift!


  • One aluminum foil pie pan
  • Two squares of tan craft felt
  • 1/3 yard of pale pink net or tulle (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Any 1 quart size of dry potpourri in fruit or spice scent such as, apple, peach, cinnamon or a combination that you like.
  • White craft glue
  • Cinnamon spice in shaker
  • Small paint brush

Step 1

Lay pie pan upside down on netting and trace a circle 1 inch outside the pie pan border. Cut the netting on this line.

Heap your favorite potpourri in the pie tin, then lay netting over it. Using your glue gun, tack netting to rim in at least 8 places. This will secure the netting to the pie tin and keep the potpourri in place

Step 2

Cut 2 strips, each 1 inch wide, from long side of the tan felt. Then glue this strip to the rim of the pie plate.(over the netting) Pinch and ruffle as you glue to resemble pie crust edge. You may use all the felt strips, depending on how much you pinch and ruffle. If this happens cut more and continue around the edge until completed.

Step 3

Next, cut 3/4 inch strips from long side of felt. Begin the lattice top for pie by laying first strip across middle of pie. Glue down both ends. Trim off any excess and save. Lay next lattice piece over top of first piece and perpendicular to first, and place off center by I inch. Then glue both ends down.

Step 4

Lay next strip 1 inch over from first lattice strip that you placed down and weave over and under lattice already in place. Do not glue.....It is easier to continue weaving and alternating lattice before tacking down the remaining strips. You may have to cut more strips.

Step 5

Dip a wet paintbrush into thinned white craft glue and very lightly brush over lattice top and crust. While glue is wet, gently shake cinnamon over top to give the pie a "browned" appearance.

Note: Place your finished pie in a glass deep dish pie plate. Keep it on your stove top, the pilot light or oven vent will spread the delicious aroma

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