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Friday Form A Circle - Dragon Protection

If you aren't comfortable or familiar with working with dragons, I wouldn't recommend this as your first attempt. Dragons are sentient beings, and are not something to be "controlled" but rather creatures you should work in partnership with. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you think you are in control of a dragon DON'T BELIEVE IT! Dragons CANNOT be controlled - they may allow you to think you're in control, but I promise you, you are not. Dragons are also not something to toy with. If Magic is a game or "something cool" to you, don't bother dragons. They are very perceptive - some say they can read minds, and will know if you are "playing" - it's a good bet they won't be happy about it. Just a little bit of advice...
Sometimes it becomes necessary to cleanse and seal where you live. This ritual can help cleanse the place of bad vibrations and other things. But before you cleanse your house because you think your being haunted by Jack the Ripper (by the way, it is very rare that demons and other bad things are going to just show up in your house and start doing bad things, so, don't get too carried away), think if there is anything going on in the house right now that could be causing bad vibrations. Maybe your house is just very stressful. Before you get rid of anything, see if there are any guilty feelings, and get rid of them. Uncover and purge all deeply felt emotions. This alone can get rid of whatever bad feelings you might have (another note, it usually isn't a ghost in your house, just bad feelings. I have a room in my house that I can't go in without feeling angry. It's just that the people who live there fill the room with bad emotions. That is what cleansing rituals are usually for, getting rid of bad emotions).
This ritual is also good for cleaning your ritual space the first time you use it. This ritual can be performed at any time. If you work alone, set all of your supplies on a tray to carry them around.
Supplies needed:
  • The pentacle
  • water chalice with fresh water
  • dish of salt
  • black (left) and white(right) altar candles
  • dagger
  • incense burner
  • an appropriate binding or cleansing incense***
  • bell.
Go to your altar and call all your dragons to help you. Light the altar candles. Set the chalice on the pentacle with the salt dish beside it. Light the incense, with plenty of additional incense available in case it is needed-which it will be as you go through the house.
Stand for a moments communing with the dragons. You do not have to know precisely what is causing your problems. Say:
"O great dragons, wondrous, wise,
Powers of Water, Earth, Fire, and Skies
Light and Darkness, join me here
To sweep this space all clean and clear.
Away with evil, in with right,
Dragons of Darkness and of Light.
Elementals, strong and old,
Restore the balance, dragons bold."
Plunge your dagger into the dish of salt, then into the chalice of water.
" As salt dissolves in water, so shall the hold of all negatives on my person or property dissolve."
Using the tip of your dagger blade, put three small piles of salt in the water. Stir it three times clockwise (remember to carefully clean the blade after, or it will rust). Now place the bell, chalice of salt water, dagger, and burning incense on the tray.
Begin the ritual in the room you are in, and begin your circling of the room at the door, moving clockwise. First carry the incense around, then draw a banishing pentagram at each window, door, and mirror (a banishing pentagram is a star. Start at the top and draw the star counter-clockwise). Next, ring the bell before each window, door, and mirror, then each side of the opening is marked with an X by the forefinger of the power hand dipped in saltwater.
Move onto the other rooms you wish to cleanse. You should try to end at a door leading outside, because you are pushing all of the bad energy out of your house when you do this ritual. When you are finished with that room, open the door and yell "Be gone!" and quickly shut the door and seal it with an X and banishing pentagram (hopefully no one will be standing right outside your door). Don't forget to do the basement too, since it is so close to the earth, it is a place where some entities can hide from banishment. Immediately pour the saltwater down the drain or in a stream moving away from you and clean the chalice. Take all of your equipment back to the altar and stoke up the incense again. Using your hands, pull the smoke over your body until you feel a lightness of spirit. Call your guardian dragons, and with great love and friendship, ask their aid in protecting you and your property and loved ones. Be sure to include the names of any pets you have. Spend some time singing or dancing with them. Your house should feel empty now, but you want to fill it with good things so that bad things can't fill up the space.
Project very positive vibrations while you say:
"Light calls to light.
Only those of light may enter here.
The way is barred to all who wish me harm.
I give my greeting only to the light."
Soon you will feel the great adult dragons returning to your ritual area. Greet them with dignity and thanks for helping you. Listen closely if they have any suggestions on the problem's cause and further preventions. When the dragons have finished their communications, thank them again and finish by saying:
"Farewell to you, O dragons fair,
Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.
Together we make magic well
By power deep and dragons spell.
In peace go now. Return once more
To teach me magic and ancient lore.
Draconis! Draconis! Draconis!"
Put more incense on the burner as a thank you and extinguish the candles.
Ritual found at: Amethyst's Wicca
Incense ingredients/instructions found at: Full Moon Magic
***Here are the ingredients/necessary herbs to make a "house cleansing" incense:
  • Frankincense 3
  • Dragons Blood Resin 2
  • Myrrh Resin 1
  • Sandalwood 1
  • Wood Betony 1
  • Dill Seed 1/2
  • Rose Geranium Oil few drops
If you follow the link above, you will find instructions on how to make your own incense. Can you buy it? Sure, but remember, when something is "created" it is imbued with the energy of the maker - that means if you buy incense rather than make it, it will be imbued with someone else's energy, not yours. I guess it's just a matter of how strong you want your magic to be. If it is diluted with someone else's energy, it is naturally going to be somewhat diluted.
Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader's personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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