Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Surprise - * Irish Fire Festivals: Lughnassadh *

* Irish Fire Festivals: Lughnassadh *
By Kym ní Dhoireann; First published in THiNK! Vol. 2, issue 3 Summer/Lughnassadh 1997); Copyright © 1997 Kym ní Dhoireann

***Updated 09/22/08 to reflect the following changes*** 
I apologize to anyone who has come here looking for this post. I received a comment from the author, indicating she (he?) wanted the post removed, I responded in the following manner, and did so...

I apologize if you feel I "stole" your work. I do everything in my power to find the original author of anything I post and link back to them, as this will in turn generate traffic for them. At no point did I claim authorship of this work. As a matter-of-fact, the authorship information I had is listed at the BEGINNING of the post, as well as links to all of Your sources - something you didn't bother to provide.

It has been my experience, in the past, that authors write articles to be read...Again, I apologize for assuming that was your intent when you wrote it, and I will remove it, with a notice indicating why it was removed." 

The comment has not been removed, so you may view it at your leisure - if you're interested...I have also left the sources, so you can still follow-up on your own if you would like. 

 "Irish Folk Tradition and the Celtic Calendar."  Kevin Danaher. (I could not find this particular book, but I have linked to some of the author's other work)
The Celtic Consciousness Robert O'Driscoll
The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles: Their Nature and Legacy  Robert Hutton
 The Folklore of the Scottish Highlands  & The Pagan Celts Anne Ross
"Material Culture, Myth and Folk Memory" The Celtic Consciousness
The Celts  T.G.E. Powell.
Sex and Marriage in Ancient Ireland Patrick C. Power
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Saigh said...

This is my article and it IS copyrighted. Which means it is illegal for you to repost this without my permission, which I never gave. Please remove this immediately or I shall be forced to report you via

Likewise I shall look over your blog for other thefts of my work and will notify others I know if I find theirs.

It really is against the law to steal people's writing.

Saigh said...

Thank you for removing it and I hope you will be doing so with the rest of the material you have stolen.

And actually it's stealing...not in quotes. I don't just think you did but you DID. It IS illegal. It doesn't matter if you link back. Anything not designated as free to take is illegal to take. Always. Please do read

Authors do write articles to be read, but they also have the right to control when and where they are read. In this case, because I have learned so much in the past 10 years, I have removed this series to be redone with better information. So I deserve the right to not have them read where they were not published with my permission.

A blog should be about the blogger's thoughts, not material already out there. Why not blog your own articles on things instead of posting what others have? If you like what others have written, please just link and do not paste...or paste on paragraph and link.

Again, thank you for removing my article, but please do take this more seriously than you obviously are. Google/Blogger actually does and you can lose your blog over this if the next author who finds their work here contacts them without making the request I did.

And, well, it's interesting that you think so much of my work, but you don't know my sex. It actually isn't that hard to figure out. In fact, my Blogger name rather tells it. ~;)