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Saturday Special Stones - Moonstone

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Named for its resemblance to the Moon, moonstone is actually a shimmering feldspar, and has a gleam that reminds us of the moonlight. It has an almost transparent background, practically colorless, pale gray, or tinged with yellow. Polished moonstones also commonly exhibit a narrow band of reflected light that produces a "cat's eye" effect, or a six-rayed star effect produced by reflected or transmitted light. This "shimmer" is caused by structural anomalies or build up of water in the mineral. Other names for moonstone are ceylonese opal, water opal, girasol, fish-eye and wolf's-eye.

A popular semi-precious stone, moonstone comes in a variety of colors and shades, but is most often a whitish-blue. Other colors range anywhere from colorless to silvery-white, yellow to orange, green to gray, brown, peach, pink and a type that is multi-colored called rainbow moonstone. It is found in Brazil, the European Alps, India, Germany, Madagascar, Burma, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Brazil, Mexico, and in the USA in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Sri Lanka produces the highest quality moonstones.

Moonstone was used in jewelry by the Romans who believed that the stone was formed from the light of the moon, and it was said that a picture of the goddess Diana could be seen in every moonstone - it has been used in Roman jewelry since 100 AD. In the Orient, people believed moonstones were actual rays of moonlight that had solidified, and that the shimmering light held within the stone was a good spirit that lived there. People in ancient India also thought along these lines, where it was a symbol of the third eye and believed to clarify spiritual understanding - the stone is still considered sacred in India today. In Asia and Europe the stone was associated with love and fidelity and was often worn when trying to attract a faithful lover. In Europe, moonstone is considered the birthstone for June, although in the United States it shares that distinction with alexandrite and pearl. Moonstone is also an accepted gem for the 13th wedding anniversary.

This versatile stone was used in ancient times to cure insomnia. It goes without saying that moonstone is especially useful to women, and sacred to everything that is feminine. Woman can benefit from wearing moonstone in many ways, since our bodies are strongly connected to the lunar energies. Use moonstone to relieve PMS, or wear it during intercourse to help conceiving. It is said to give physical aid in treating the circulatory system, anxiety, stress, hormonal imbalances, and all female related health issues. Some also believe that the calming properties of moonstone are helpful to women who experience tremendous pain during menstruation or pregnancy. Along these same lines, moonstone assists those with stomach or digestive problems. Moonstone aligns vertebrae, alleviates swellings and helps reduce excess fluids in the body. It is a regenerative for eyes, skin and hair, reduces sleeping disorders, soothes and balances the emotions, and assists with the cycles of change. It was also thought to protect against insanity, epilepsy, and any adverse wanderings of the mind.

In early times, it was believed that one could see the future if the stone was held in the mouth during a full moon. It was also said to awaken tender passion between lovers if placed under their tongues during the full moon. Another source says that holding moonstone in the mouth can refresh the memory and help to make decisions. Amulets of moonstone were frequently hung in fruit trees to ensure fruitful and abundant crops. Due to its association with water, moonstone is said to be protective of those at sea, and those that travel at night - especially during New Moon phases - and was once called the "Traveler's Stone".

Moonstone is a gem that is sacred to all Goddesses, but most specifically moon goddesses, and is used and worn during lunar rituals, especially during the waxing and full moons. The energy of moonstone is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. The moonstone can hold charges in it, and may need to be cleansed occasionally - to recharge moonstone, place it under the light of the Full Moon. Wear or carry a moonstone to bring a love into your life. On the night of a full moon and by it's light, ring a pink candle with moonstones. Light the candle and visualize yourself in a loving relationship. Place a moonstone under your pillow in order to ensure a restful sleep. It is believed to bring good fortune, enhance passion, balance the yin and yang and is said to protect women and children. It can be used to increase intuition, psychic perception and psychic sight (divination), to aid in meditation and cause prophetic dreams, while protecting against the wondering of the mind. Moonstone is reflective and calming, brings inner harmony, balance, calmness, love & happiness. It is associated with new beginnings, and will enhance psychic ability.

Since the moon controls the tides, moonstone also carries the energy of the element of water, and it rules over emotions and the psyche. Moonstone is a stone for "feeling" and understanding, via intuition and emotional thoughts, rather than intellectual reasoning. It brings flashes of insight, and stimulates intuitive recognition and helps in applying intuitive knowledge in a practical sense. It is a stone for wishing and hoping as well as a stone for embracing the cycles of change. These stones help women’s hormonal and emotional equilibrium, and they help men become more in tune with the feminine side of themselves. The moonstone can act as a magical link so that your guides can communicate with you more easily, and help you know what your life path really is.

Moonstone is a receptive stone. It helps your Higher Self control your emotions so you can grow spiritually. Moonstones help you experience calmness and peace of mind. Will moonstone cause you to become introspective and yet at the same time reflect back the vision of what action to take? Will it play with your emotions but make you understand them perfectly as it harmoniously blends the inner and outer dimensions that spark a more fertile intuition? And will it exude a mesmerizing and enchanting force, yet pull up a loving feminine nature to your forefront? Yes indeed it can and will. insightful and loving Goddess stone. Gaze deeply into its milky moonlit essence and hypnotic hues while meditating. Take in the colors that shine forth. The flashes of blue and sometimes yellow, pink and green are inspiring, but the blue will calmly take you to the core of your inspiration. Here you can feel the joy and happiness of the yellow, the warmth and soft love of the pale pink, the new beginning and gentle life-force of the green, and the shimmer that reminds you that your spirit is Divine.





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