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Thursday This is Your Spell - Bountiful Ritual

Bountiful Ritual To Increase the Good Things in Your Life

This is a wonderful ritual to do around Thanksgiving, but it can be done any time of the year that you want to be grateful for what you have and make sure that the good things, such as money, love, success and health, keep coming to you.
November is a time when psychic thoughts are strong. Doing this ritual in November brings an abundance of love, prosperity and health.
For great abundance of love, prosperity and health do this ritual on Saturday or Sunday before the full moon. This ritual should not be done more than 3 times a year.
The items you will need are:
  • The Bag of Bountiful Gemstones (or make your own):
    • Rose quartz, Citrine, or jade for friendship and love
    • Unakite or Garnet for a healthy mind
    • Agate, lodestone, onyx or hematite for strong protection
    • Garnet, flourite, or moonstone for good luck, love and money
    • Citrine or marble for success and good luck
    • Carnelian or garnet for health and money
    • Emerald, malachite or ruby for love and health
    • Smoky quartz or fire opal for energy and prosperity
    • Sodaltie or garnet for harmony
  • 3 votive candles in clear glass holders
    1 white votive, 1 orange votive and 1 green votive
  • Vase with water and evergreens
    can be ivy, holly or pine
  • 1 penny, 1 dime and 1 quarter
  • A small dish or bowl
    silver, brass or clear glass
  • 1 teaspoon of honey and a small piece of bread on a white plate
  • 3 tablespoons of red wine or grape juice in a clear glass
  • A list of 10 or more things for which you are grateful
Clean your stones:
Clean your stones in the method you like.
The night before the ritual write your grateful list and have your evergreens in the vase.

Prepare your altar:
Put all the items on your clean altar. Put the candles in glass holders, have the matches close by. Place the candles form left to right white, green and orange.
Place the gemstones in an order that is meaningful to you in front of the candles.
For example, if love is most important for you now, then put the love stones first starting on the left or if health is the most important, then the health stones. The order of the stones may be changed each time you do this ritual.
Put your grateful list under the white candle, put the vase with the evergreens behind the green candle and the coins behind the orange candle.
Place the small bowl to the left of the candles
Put the plate with the honey and bread and the wine or juice to the right of the candles.

Light the candles starting at the left with the white candle and say:
I have love and friendship in my life
Light the green candle and say:
I have a strong and healthy body with a clear mind
Light the orange candle and say:
I have success and prosperity in my life
Say the following lines in order as you pick up each gemstone one at a time with your right hand and place the gemstone in your left hand. After you recite each line gently blow on the gemstone and then put it in the bowl.
I deserve love and friendship in my life
I deserve a strong and healthy body with a clear mind
I deserve success and prosperity in my life
I feel the flow of love and friendship around me
I feel the flow of health in my body and clearness in my mind
I feel the flow of success and prosperity around me
I accept the increase of love and friendship into my life
I accept the increase of having a stronger and healthier body and a clearer mind
I accept the increase of success and prosperity into my life
After the nine stones are in the bowl, dip the bread in the honey and say:
I have much sweetness in my life!
Eat the bread and honey.
Take the wine and say:
I have much joy in my life!
Drink the wine.
Let the candles burn out.
Take away the bread plate and wine glass, but leave everything else on the altar for the next 3 days.

On the third day, wrap the coins in your grateful list, take this and the evergreens to a tree you like and bury the wrapped coins at the base of the tree, then place the evergreens on top and say:
So I give what I receive in abundance!
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