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Monday Make A - Book of Shadows

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Since I did the Book of Shadows post yesterday, I thought it would be fitting to give directions on how to create your own Book of Shadows. You can use anything from a plain old spiral bound notebook, available just about anywhere, to a journal, a diary, or something made just for that purpose. There are many places that sell blank BoS, both online and at any of a number of witchcraft shops.

But what I am going to do here today, is give a blueprint to create your own, "classic" BoS. Anything you make with your own hands is going to be imbued with your energy, and therefore more powerful for you. You should be able to find supplies at any art supply store, craft store, or even your neighborhood Wal-mart, many of which have a decent crafts section. Jo-Ann Fabric, Hancock Fabrics, and Michael's are also good places to look for supplies.

  • What you'll need:

  • Leather front & back covers

  • parchment paper

  • leather ties (this can be bought by the yard at most fabric stores)

  • something to make holes (maybe an ice pick & a hammer?)

  • writing implement

  • whatever you want to use as decoration on the cover

  • if you're really crafty, you could use leather sets to emboss the wording or designs on the cover as well

You can go to Associated Content or eHow and get step-by-step instructions on how to make your own leather cover. One of them says it would be perfect for a Bible, which I find slightly ironic...You should also be able to find these pre-made at one of the store types listed above. The directions seem to be tailored to making a cover for an existing book, but it seems to me you could adapt it, replacing the book with stiff cardboard, to make your front & back covers.

Capricorn's Lair has a good selection of different parchments, as well as a selection of journals that could be used as BoS, As a matter-of-fact, they are one of my favorite on line stores. Between them & Azure Green I've almost always been able to find whatever magical item I have been looking for. You should also be able to obtain parchment at any of the places listed above.

SO, make your covers putting two or three (or however many you want) holes in them to "bind" them. Next, you need to determine how much paper you think you'll want (keep in mind, if you are doing this as described, using the "ties that bind" to hold it all together, you can always add more paper later), Center your paper on the cover & mark where your holes need to go. Once you have your holes, carefully thread the leather ties through all pieces, starting with the back cover, next the parchment, then the front cover. Carefully tie in a knot, You now have a Book of Shadows, made by you. Decorate the cover in whatever design you prefer.

There is one other on-line store I'd like to direct you to. It's called Seasons of The Witch, and sells calendars, planners, binders, and other things. I have purchased from them in the past and found them to sell high quality items, as well as being quick & friendly.

Fill your BoS with your spells, rituals, recipes, cures, herbal information, dreams, thoughts, and whatever else seems important to you. Never mind if it isn't something typically included in a Book of Shadows - this one is YOURS and should contain YOUR energies.


When done, you can use one of the following spells to Bless your creation. The source of the first is unknown, the second was found at New Orleans Mistic:

Protecting Items from Prying eyes
This is a spell that protects your witch chest, if you have one, your place where you keep magical items you don't want others to see, and of utmost importance, your Book of Shadows.
Have a bowl of water, a bowl of salt, and one of those cheap misters you can get in the drugstore. Put candles in the four corners and light them. Cast a circle and Call the Corners. Then Hold your hands over the bowls of water and salt, and allow your magic to flow through your arms onto the objects, surrounding them with protective light.
Protect from prying eyes
What only I can see
Protect from prying eyes
These magic things of me
Make a veil of mystic worth
Protect this magic Book of Shadow's hearth
Let our lines be blurred
Blended smudged and slurred
Only my eyes can see
The secrets which entrusted be
Then hold your hands over the water, and say:
I consecrate this water for protection in the name of the Lady and the Lord so mote it be!
Then hold your hands over the salt, and say:
I consecrate this water for protection in the name of the Lady and the Lord so mote it be!
Then put the water and salt into the mister and lightly mist your object(s) Your personal belongings (in this case, your Book of Shadows) are protected!!

To Bless Your Book of Shadows

You will need:

  • A Blue Candle

  • A Purple Candle

  • A Red Candle

  • A Green Candle

  • A Yellow Candle


Whether your BOS is a heavy-bound journal, a small personal diary, or a 3-ringed notebook, this spell will guard your book and enchant its pages.

On the night of the Full Moon, cast your circle and place your BOS on your alter. Situate 5 candles (Purple, green, yellow, red, and blue) around your book in a rough pentagram shape. If you see fit, you can place the candles in their correct positions:


Blue ~ Green

Red ~ Yellow

Light the candles, starting with the purple and ending with the blue, and say this or another verse:

By the powers of center (north, south, east, west),

The forces of spirit (earth, air, fire, water),

I bless and protect this Book of Shadows From all unwanted forces and beings.

With your power hand, athame, or wand, draw an invoking pentagram on your BOS's cover and say:

May no unprepared eye or hand behold this Blessed Book of Power.
Ancient Mother, behold this book.
Guard and bless its pages.
Ancient Father, behold this book.
Guard and bless its pages.
By the powers of the Moon and stars above me.
So shall it be.
With this, the ritual is done. Some chose to bury the candles. Others choose to use them for another spell. It's your choice what you do. It is recommended that this spell is done for the 4 sabbats to mark your progress and increase in power, but it also can be done once a year on that same month's Full Moon.


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Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader's personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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