Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Won ! I Won ! Well - I got 2nd anyways....

Hey All! Just popping in for a minute or two, as I am actually on my way to bed. But I wanted to share. I know it's off-topic here, but after the last week, week and a half that I've had, I just got some good news. Over at Hey! It's Free, Goob had a contest. You had to use Google Maps, and locate a bunch of stuff, then send him the link to the picture of it. Many of the items were pretty obscure, and there were like 50 things. He says no one found them all (even though I thought I did :(   ), but I came in 2nd just the same! I actually won $25. For basically playing on the computer! I did have to reboot and frequently empty my temporary files, 'cuz all the pics are cached, and can kinda slow things down, but it was really fun. And I love a good challenge (as I'm sure Tom, over at Tom's Hideaway can attest to!)

If you like a deal (and who doesn't..?) you should go check his blog out. I've signed up for quite a few of the offers, and most of the stuff has come rolling in. Plus I won $25! It looks like he does contests fairly regularly, so go check it out, maybe you'll win the next one *grin*

Besides, Hey! It's Free!

Going to bed now. G'Night!

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