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Monday Make A - Set of Witch's Runes

This medium can be used in the same way as the tarot.

Witches Runes
Witches Runes contain 13 Runes... One for every moon of the year. The Symbols on these runes have been known for many years, some are from the pictish runes dating back hundreds of years, the examples of some can still be found in museums. Both examples of these stones have been used as a method of divination. Each rune is associated to a particular time, which is incorporated into a reading to give a timescale of events. The Third Eye symbol represents the person who the reading is being done for. At the Beginning of a reading it is removed from the rest of the stones and placed in the center of the area to be used for the reading. The Person who is having the reading, should hold the stone for a few minutes whilst thinking of the question to ask. After the rune has been placed in the reading area, the remaining runes are then thrown to fall all round the Third Eye symbol... revealing the influences in times and space around the individual.

Much like in a Tarot reading, the runes appearing face down, would indicate the opposite of the usual meaning. However, many Tarot readers choose to disregard any "upside down" or "backwards" influences indicated by inverted cards, and this seems to work for them. I would say the same could be done in a Rune reading. I feel that the Runes, like the Tarot Cards, are most strongly influenced by the reader, and the energy/intentions of the person who most often handles them. If you truly believe upside down or inversion doesn't signify anything special, then your energy will contain that information, and the medium (runes or cards) will reflect that.

Sun Rune is ruled, naturally by the Sun. This rune sheds light on the issue, clarifying things and bringing them sharply into focus. The Sun also points out power places in your reading. Thus, where the Sun turns up, you can expect much activity or strength.

Moon Rune is ruled by the Moon. Whenever this stone appears, you can be certain that the question you are posing is somehow linked to your past, especially subjects involving childhood issues. The Moon Rune rules genetics, family, memory, feeling, intuition, instincts, and dreams. This stone stands for inheritances, female relatives, a woman or a man of wisdom.

Flight Rune is ruled by Mercury, and like the planet Mercury the meanings behind this stone involve the news, travel and all types of communications.

Rings Rune is ruled by Venus, which represent partnerships, good vibes, good fortune, easy flow, the appetite, beauty, art marriage, not wanting to go it alone, and acquired wealth.

Romance Rune is ruled by the conflicting energies of Venus and Mars, therefore this stone carries a great deal of weight in any reading, since it has to do with reconciling opposites. You can expect magnetic attractions, romantic estrangement, as well as other intrigues and scandals.

Woman Rune is also ruled by Venus, but it corresponds more to the energies of the signs Taurus and Cancer. Read this stone first as a woman and pay close attention to what house it falls in.

Man Rune is ruled by Mars, and thus, the house in which this rune appears will be a place of much physical activity. In general, the Man Rune quickens or speeds up certain actions and developments in the chart. But it is also the rune of recklessness, impulsivity, and certain dangers.

Harvest Rune is ruled by Jupiter, planet of openness and ease. This stone speaks of obstacles being lifted and important goals achieved, so it is one of the more fortunate runes in the reading. In this way, the Harvest Rune is the payoff for the many projects you have put into action, especially in the areas of interest where you have concentrated most of your energies.

Crossroads Rune Although the message this rune carries can be ominous and it gives a strong warning, there are houses in which the Crossroads Rune falls that are positive in the sense that they represent substantial progress being made (albeit, this progress is slow and you may encounter many pitfalls).

Star Rune is jointly governed by the planets Uranus and Venus. Therefore, the Star Rune rules your highest goals and dreams, especially those that have impacted your life in a deep or meaningful way. The Star Rune can indicate fame or accumulating property and wealth.

Waves Rune is ruled by watery Neptune, planet of deception and unrealized goals. The reading of this stone has a lot to do with what kind of person you are.

Scythe Rune ruled by Pluto, is the planet of "the hidden," but it is also an avenger and exposer of core truths. Therefore, this is not a very fortunate rune for those involved in denial.

Eye Rune is governed by the Sun and Pluto, both planets of tremendous pull and magnetism. Wherever this stone appears is often an issue of immediate concern and should be addressed accordingly.

Images & Meanings found at Witchloc

** Making your own Runes **

The runes you make yourself are always going to be more powerful and more attuned to you than the runes that you buy at a store. Not that there's anything wrong with store-bought runes. I also strongly feel that a "gift" will have much more power than something you buy for yourself. I think it is because buying for yourself carries an implication of wanting to benefit (usually monetarily) from the item...Just my opinion.

You can make your runes out of wood either by cutting 14 (or 13 if you're not using a Blank Rune) same-size squares from a board (remembering to sand the edges of each piece smooth) or getting a wooden dowel about 1 to 1 and a half inches in diameter, and cutting the dowel into 14 (or 13) disks about half to three quarters of an inch thick. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of saws and cutting and sanding (and who could blame you?), most arts and crafts stores have precut wood in various sizes and shapes that are relatively inexpensive and perfectly cool to use. Just keep in mind, the more you do to create this, or any magical tool, the more there is of your energy imbued in it. If you want to use natural wood, go for a walk in the woods, find a tree with which you have a connection, and ask it for an appropriately sized branch that you can cut the runes from. Always ask permission, and always leave an offering behind as thanks.

Wooden runes are cool, but so are stone ones (plus, you get that fun clicking sound!), and with stone, you can use your favorite gemstone. Or you can just go on another walk, down to a river or creek, and find your stones that way. As always, ask for permission and leave an offering. If you're using stones, try to get each one as close to the same size as possible, and make sure that at least one of the stone's sides is nice and flat (It is very difficult to draw or inscribe on a round, bumpy, hilly surface!). If you chose to use stones, take the time to investigate the different associations for the stone you like.

Once you have all your stones, or all your wooden pieces, it's time to inscribe them with the runes. If you are using wood, you can use a wood-burning tool to inscribe each one. Or you can use paint. I suggest using paint for your stones. If you use paint on the stones, be sure to clear-coat each rune with some shellac to preserve the paint. I would recommend at least three coats, preferably 6, with ample drying time between each application. The simplest way to apply the clear coat is (using a container you can discard when done) empty about 1” – 2” in the bottom, them drop each stone into it. Use a pair of large tweezers or hemostats (these cam be found at most any flea market) to remove the stones from the clear coat substance. Make sure to set painted side up to dry, and DON’T DRY THEM ON PAPER, as it will stick to the clear coat. Probably the best surface for drying would be an old cookie sheet. Spraying the drying surface with a non-stick spay, like Pam (or the store brand equivalent) would probably be a good idea, too. What color paint you use is entirely up to you, although I find red to be an all-around good color for runes.

Once the runes are dry, you are ready to cleanse and consecrate them and then the runes are ready for you to use. Keep your runes with you; carry them in a pouch in your purse or briefcase, sleep with them at night, give them a designated spot on your altar during rituals. Meditate with them. You may discover different interpretations as you work with the runes, much like Tarot cards have alternate meanings, depending on the reader & the situation of the person being read. Practice working with them, and they will become a part of you.
And they will never let you down.
- Adapted from instructions by Lady Phoenix MoonFlame, found at
Bewitching Ways -

** Ritual for Dedicating, Cleansing, and Consecrating a Set of Runes **

This can be used for a new set of runes made by your own hand, a used set of runes, or (especially) a store-bought set of runes. I have found that used runes, much like used Tarot cards, usually isn’t a good idea. But then again, I have a lot of “funny” ideas about a lot of things. Like the direction/element associations. And my cards. I don’t let anyone touch my Tarot cards. I prefer they have only my energy in them. (That will be a post for another day…)
Set up your altar as you usually set it.
Put an incense at North, a bowl of salt at East, a candle at South, and a bowl of water at West. Three pieces of yarn or thread in black or deep purple, red or green, and white-should be on the altar, as well as a cauldron (any size as long as it can contain all your runes), and the runes to be consecrated. ***Please note, my directional/elemental associations are different than what you will usually see elsewhere. For my reasoning, you can go

Research your timing so that it feels right to you. I have done this ritual during Libra, a sign of balance, just after the full of the moon, but you may find different correspondences more appropriate. Or no correspondence at all. This is a situation where I would consider using correspondences. If you are working everyday magic, I don't feel they are as important, however when creating tools, it should be looked at.

Cast circle in your usual manner. Call quarters in your usual manner
Invoke the Goddesses by saying the following:

I call upon the Goddesses, the Ladies of my world.
Come, Cailleach, the crone, and bring your wisdom
Come, Cerridwen , the mother, and bring your maternal instinct
Come, Branwen, the youngest, the maiden, and bring the promise of the future
Come, Ladies of my world, and assist your daughter (son) in this ritual.

Hold up the new set of runes and say:

I give you these stones, turned to runes by my own hand, tonight may they be instilled with the power of time until they return, from whence they came, to sand.

One by one, pick up each rune, say it's name and a quick word association of its meaning, and then place it into the cauldron. Then, pick up the black (or deep purple) yarn/thread and place it in the cauldron, saying:

Cailleach, eldest Lady, Crone, lay your blessings upon these runes, give them your wisdom, gleaned from the past. Let them ring with your knowledge vast!

Place the red (or green) yarn/thread in the cauldron, saying:

Cerridwen, middle Lady, Mother lay your blessings upon these runes, instill within them the balancing power of Now allow them to aid others with my solemn vow!

Place the white yarn/thread in the cauldron, saying:

Branwen, youngest Lady, Maiden, lay your blessings upon these runes, fill them with the promise of the Yet to Be, let them be open so that others may see!

Place hands over cauldron; Visualize the Goddesses infusing the runes with their gifts as swirls of black, red, and white light, which mingle to form a gold light. When you feel that the infusion is complete, take a minute to reground and center, focusing all your personal energy into the center of your being. Take a deep breath and hold it a second, imagining that your energy and that breath are fusing into one, then blow all that energy, all that is yourself, into and onto the runes in the cauldron.
When ready, take the cauldron to the North corner and present the runes. Pass the cauldron through the smoke of the incense saying:

Spirits of the North, Bless these runes with the breezy presence of air!

Move to the East and present the runes. Pass the cauldron through the incense, saying:

Spirits of the East, Bless these runes with the stabilizing presence of earth!

Move to the South and present the runes. Pass the cauldron through the flame, saying:

Spirits of the South,Bless these runes with the flaming passion of fire!

Move to the West and present the runes. Sprinkle water in the cauldron, saying:

Spirits of the West, Bless these runes with the ever-changing flow of water!

Move to the center of the circle and present the runes, saying:

Spirits of the Center, Bless these runes with the all-encompassing presence of Spirit!

When finished, place the cauldron with the runes on center of the altar, and let them sit there overnight. (Next day, place the entire contents of the cauldron in a black leather pouch or other container. Leave the colored yarns in the bag so that The Goddesses have continuous contact with the runes.)
Thank the Goddesses by saying:

I thank you, Ladies of my world - Cailleach, the past; Cerridwen, the present; Branwen the future, for your presence at this ritual. Go if you must, stay if you like; be ever near to heart and mind.
Blessed be!

Close quarters
Close circle

-Adapted from a ritual By Lady Phoenix MoonFlame, found at -Bewitching Ways

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader's personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.


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