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Wednesday What Herb Is This - Lammas/Lughnasadh Associations

Lughnasadh was the time of the first harvest and a time of games, competitions, initiations and arbitration. It was and is associated with the Goddess of Sovereignty. The God Lugh was said to have originated this festival to celebrate the efforts of his foster mother Tailtiu to clear the fields of Ireland for planting. Lughnasadh marked the beginning of the harvests, though perhaps it also marked the ending of the hay harvest. It was a festival that could last two weeks! Among its activities, couples could enter into a "trial marriage" known as a "Brehon wedding." The two would clasp hands and thrust them through a circular opening in a special stone, while announcing to the Brehons -- judges and lawyers -- that they intended to live together for a trial period of one year, after which the marriage would be formalized. Either party could break the marriage by a public announcement during the feast of Bealtaine in the Spring....(more Lammas info to come at a later date)

Herbs: berries, fenugreek, frankincense, heather, hollyhock, mistletoe, Oak, Oat, sunflower, Caraway, Corn (not technically an herb), Sloe, grapes, all grains,

*Berries: Pies can be made of berries to commemorate the death of the God, the "Green Man", who is sacrificed each year at the harvest so that the greater life may prosper. Healing, money, protection.

*Fenugreek: Use Fenugreek seed to attract money. Used in rinse water as you clean, is said to attract money. Make a tea to ingest or use in the bath. Focus on developing the powers of the mind.

*Frankincense: Use for purification, protection and exorcism. Use it to accelerate spiritual growth.

*Heather: This is a herb of luck and protection, and can be used in rain-making rituals.

*Hollyhock: Attracts money, success, and material wealth. Favored by faeries to bring luck to the home.

*Mistletoe: Gathered on Lammas by the Druids of old. Use this herb to strengthen all magical workings. Use also for healing, protection, conception, consecration and beautiful dreams.

*Oak: Use for strength, perseverance and protection. Brings fertility to ideas, projects and harvest magic. Cakes are made with the new grain and shared with friends and family. Oat is used in money spells.

*Oat: Use in money and gather wealth spells.

*Sunflower: These are sun symbols and symbolize wisdom and the healthy ego. Wisdom, fertility, a strong and healthy confidence. Place on altar; add seeds to feast.

*Caraway: Consecration, longevity, fidelity. Bake in bread to celebrate the Harvest.

*Corn: represents fertility, place on altar as an offering to the Great Cosmic Mother, Ceres / Demeter.

*Sloe: Used for creating magical wands which can be used for many purposes just carried confers protection from evil, can be used for wishes. Also good for divining rods.

*Grapes: are symbolic of fertility, joy, intoxication, healing and youthfulness.

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