Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday What Herb Is This - Make Your Own Oils

Making Oils:
To make your own anointing oils, start with a good vegetable oil base, Virgin Olive Oil is good. Into your pestle and mortar pour two ounces of oil and add two Tbsp of herb or mixture and crush into the oil. Store in a previously consecrated place for three days. On the fourth day, check to see if the oil has absorbed the scent of the herb, mixture or flower. If the oil has a weak scent use a piece of cheesecloth (tea balls work well, too.) and strain the oil. Add two more Tbsp of herb/mix. (if necessary add more olive oil to bring back to orig. two oz.) Store for three more days. Repeat until as strong a scent as you want is obtained.
Charging Oils
How you prepare your oils and what type to use is strictly up to you. Some extract the oil from their own garden of herbs and plants. While I admire such dedication, many of us rarely have the time or resources to dedicate to such purity. One must bear in mind though, that what one puts in to their efforts will be returned I usually purchase my oils from a source that knows the difference between good oils and cheap ones. To those just starting I might point out that you should stay clear from synthetic based Essentials and stick to the natural Essential oils. Keep in mind a known acronym - "GIGO", Garbage In, Garbage Out.
Set about your workspace the Runes you wish to invoke. I frequently use another set of Rune stones that I use for spell work. Blend your oil using the base of your choice, if its meant to be worn. Otherwise, combine your oils carefully. After pouring the oil into its vial, meditate on the Runes you've selected and the energy you wish to send. Charge the oil, hold it, and set it down carefully. At this point I like to let the oil set overnight, with the Runes surrounding it. The cone formed by the Runes surrounding the vial help protect it and lets it "mature" to its fullest potential.
Optional: If you wish to go a step further, you can write your spell for which you are preparing your oils in Runes, usually on parchment. The spell can be prose, verse, a single word, or a binding rune. Anoint the parchment with a touch of the oil. Set the parchment in your cauldron and light the paper. This acts as the initialization of the oil, activating it.
Scents & Oils
It has long been one of man's beliefs that different scents effect us on many levels including the spiritual One of the main reasons for perfumes and colognes is this belief. Here is a brief list of properties distributed by Connections Candles, a company the makes candles and sells them at metaphysical gatherings. (I tried to find a link, but there doesn't seem to be a website for them...)
Apple: Peace of mind, relaxation, love, wisdom.
Bayberry: Luck to the home, money to the pocket.
Burgamot: Protection from harm.
Cedar: Instills confidence, protection from misery and misfortune
Cinnamon: raise and enhance spiritual vibrations, stimulate clairvoyance, aids focus and concentration, good for personal protection.
Citronella: Attracts friends and customers, protection from insects.
Clove: Strengthens memory, protects from hostile negative forces.
Eucaluptus: Promotes healing of any hurt, depression or illness. Especially good for colds or flu.
Frankincense: Frees one of obsessions and destructive habits, brings spiritual blessings, protects, exorcises, purifies.
Heliotrope: Increases clairvoyance, assists meditation, protects from physical harm.
Honeysuckle: Aids in understanding non-physical realities, sharpens intuition, brings prosperity.
Jasmine: Psychic protection, cleanses the aura, stimulates creativity and originality, attracts spiritual love.
Lavender: Frees from emotional stress, brings inner calm and peace, gives increased awareness, brings stability and permanence, good for headaches.
Lemon: Evokes protective spirits.
Lilac: Helps recall past lives, draws good spirits, helps decision making, improves memory.
Musk: Instills self assurance, confidence and strength, heightens passions.
Myrrh: Guards against evil, brings peace, assists in understanding personal sorrow.
Orange: Brings harmony, raises power.
Pine: Cleanses, ends useless recriminations.
Rose: Unconditional love, peace, harmony, tranquility.
Sage: Powerful clearing and cleansing, removes negative energy.
Sandalwood: Stimulates clairvoyance, aids in seeing past lives, healing, clearing, protection, calms the mind.
Sweetgrass: Invokes spiritual blessings, aids transformation.
Vanilla: Vitalizes energy, brings happy occasions to the premises, draws good fortune.

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader's personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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