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Thursday This Is Your Spell – To End Poverty

To End Poverty
Dark Moon Mysteries by Timothy Roderick

In this working you will clear away the psychic dead wood of the past, such as poverty and ill luck, to foster a new cycle of growth and prosperity. It clears away the psychic dross that keeps you from taking the actions needed to create a prosperous life. Remember, abundance flows from the Goddess and God. They are abundance. Connecting with the Gods in their aspect of abundance is connecting with that same part of yourself. When you yield to nature, to the Gods, nature will yield its bounty to you.
Moon Phase: 4th quarter, last night of the dark moon.
Purpose: to end a cycle of lack.

Items Needed:
The following dried herbs and resins:

  • powdered sandalwood
  • pine needles
  • rosemary
  • copal
  • fresh rose petals.
  • Optional: saltpetre.
  • White parchment paper.
  • A box of crayons, colored pencils, or markers.
  • An incense burner, chafing dish, or cauldron.
  • A self-igniting charcoal (Three Kings brand is a choice).
  • The usual tools for constructing a magic circle.

On the last night of the dark moon gather your herbs, combine them in a mortar, and grind them together. Make as much as you like, but you will only use about one tablespoon of the dried mixture total. After mixing, set it aside for a moment. Next create a circle on the floor using the fresh rose petals. Bring all of your ingredients and tools into the rose petal circle and cast a dark moon circle, using the petals as the boundary of the sacred space. Once the circle is cast, set aside all of your tools and sit in the circle's center. Do the following meditation before continuing with the magical work.

Ending Poverty Meditation: There is a place deep inside of you where poverty lives. Close your eyes and take a few slow, relaxing breaths. Imagine that you are traveling inside your body to that place where poverty lives. Take note of where that place is inside of you. Also take note of what this entity, poverty, looks like. What is it’s shape and color? What does it say to you? When you have taken note of all this, return to waking consciousness and continue with the magical working.

Using the crayons, markers, or colored pencils, draw the image of poverty you saw on the white parchment paper. Underneath that image, make a list of the effects of lack on your life. How does poverty manifest in your life? The next step is a little more difficult, but on that same page make a list of the things you do to help keep poverty alive. What is your part in perpetuating poverty? When you are done, sprinkle the herb mixture into the center of the parchment paper. If you choose to use saltpetre, sprinkle in a half teaspoon now. Twist the whole bundle shut, so that the parchment makes a little pouch containing the herb mix. Light the charcoal and set the paper pouch on the charcoal. Soon this will smolder. As it does, imagine that the spirit of poverty is leaving your body. Imagine that you cut off all life support to poverty, imagine how you will not cooperate with it any longer. When the herbs are completely burned, the spell is done. If any paper remains, light that on fire. Be certain tat nothing but ashes remain. Banish your circle and bury the ashes in a spot that you are not likely to tread upon. The magic is complete.

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