Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Make A – Chicks In Nests

Chicks in Nests

You will need:

  • Brown Yarn (cotton works the best),
  • Three 1" Yellow Pom Poms,
  • Orange Craft Foam,
  • Six Wiggly Eyes,
  • One Small Round Balloon,
  • Liquid Starch,
  • Tacky Glue,
  • Scissors,
  • Bowl,
  • Newspapers

Blow up balloon to about 4". Tie off. Use a piece of yarn to hang it over your work area. (Working on the kitchen counter and hang the balloon from an upper cabinet knob works well.)  Place newspaper under balloon to catch drips. Pour a cup of Liquid Starch into an old bowl. Cut several 4' pieces of yarn and place them into the starch. Make sure each strand is coated evenly with starch. Wrap starched yarn pieces around balloon in all directions until balloon is covered to look like filigree. Cut and dip as many pieces of yarn as you need. There will be empty spots where the balloon shows through. Let dry overnight. Cut down your yarn covered balloon. Pop the balloon and pull it out. Cut the yarn ball in half. You may want to set one half of the nest inside of the other for a fuller looking nest or use each half to make one nest. Cut six small triangles for beaks. Glue two on to each pom pom to make it look like the chick's mouth is open. Glue on eyes. Glue chicks in nest.

I found this at PaganSpace The social network for the occult community on the Pagan Crafts Discussion page. If you haven’t yet discovered Pagan Space, go check it out – It’s essentially My Space or Facebook, but specifically for pagans. You will find a link over in the Good Stuffs! Places to visit list on my sidebar. The poster indicated they found it at Making Friends.

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