Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Something – Using Candles for Divination

Lithomancy Using Candles
Collins Gem Predicting

Lithomancy is divination using precious stones, one form of which involves candlelight. Scatter gemstones of different colors around a candle. Darken the room, light the candle, close your eyes and clear your mind of thoughts. when you open your eyes, notice which color of stone first reflects light back on you. (In the absence of a good selection of gems, colored glass can be used as an alternative.)

  • Colorless : Success and happiness.
  • Red : Romance.
  • Dark Red : A wedding.
  • Yellow : Infidelity.
  • Green : A wish will come true.
  • Turquoise : An unexpected opportunity.
  • Blue : Good luck.
  • Violet : Grief.
  • Purple : A quarrel.
  • Black : Ill luck.




Other Candle Omens
Also From
Collins Gem Predicting

  • A candle burning with a tall straight flame: Expect the arrival of a stranger.
  • A dripping candle: A drip of wax on the side of the candle indicates ill luck for the person sitting on that side.
  • Birthday cake candles: You should carry a lighted candle for each year of your age. Make a wish, and try to blow out all the candles in one breath. If you succeed, the wish will come true.


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