Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday This is Your Spell - Ancestor Invokation

* Ancestors Invocation *
By Jennifer Ellison

We hear your whispered voices speaking words of wisdom
into our unconscious minds.
Your whispers awaken our dreams,
our hearts,
our desires.
You who are our ancestors who once walked upon the earth
and were part of our shared life eternal,
we praise you with all that is sacred in our lives.
You who planted the seed of knowledge,
you who sought inner peace,
you who claimed your love for the Gods and Goddesses of old,
we give you honor and praise your name.
without you I would not be here.
without you I would not be here.
People that have come before and gone ahead,
without you I would not be here.
I give you honor and praise your name.
We ask you for guidance,
for you have the power of knowledge.
You have been born in us,
part of our being.
We draw upon your strength so that we may move ever forward.
Your footsteps,
we follow as all children will.
You are our family and with all the love in my being,
I give you honor and call your names.
I praise you with the earth in my palm.
I praise you with the fire in my heart.
I praise you with my breath as I give offerings to your greatness.
I praise you with the blood and water of life within my body.
I call forth for you with honor for all eternity.

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