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Friday Form A Circle - Solo Samhain Ritual

* Solo Samhain Ritual *
c 2001 Erica Frank

Samhain Ritual, short version, suitable for solitaires; based on the Mystic Spiral ritual style.

Items needed:

  • A knife (must be sharp)
  • Apples or Grapes (preferably room temperature or warm) Pomegranate (preferably chilled)
  • Standard ritual gear (candles, incense, altar, etc.)

Items you might want:

  • Leafy garland or panpipes
  • Two (greek-style) torches or dark robe
  • Small serving dish(es)
  • Small towel (pomegranates can be messy)

Call elements, Cast circle Invoke deities: (face main altar), and say:

"Gaia, who nurtures all life,
send your son Pan, Lord of the fields and
May he join me in celebration and revelry."

(Light God candle):

"Pan, master of beasts and rough, primal forces
-enter this circle; share
your wild abandon
!Bring joys and lusts; bring the last kiss of summer
before the cold of winter. Join me, Pan! IO EVOE!"

[may add longer invocation to Pan]

(if in group, HP takes on the aspect of Pan, puts on a garland or plays pipes, etc.)

(face main altar), say:

"Ouranous, who rules the heavens,
send your daughter Hecate,
She who
guards against the terrors of the night.
May she join me in celebration and

(Light Goddess candle):

"Hecate, queen of night and the restless spirits
enter this circle, share your peace and wisdom.
Bring calm and endurance; bring guidance 
through the winter until the days grow warm.
Join me, Hecate! IO EVOE!"

[may add longer invocation to Hecate]

(if in group, HPS takes on the aspect of Hecate, puts on dark robe, lights two torches, etc.)

Cycling of the year

Take the blade, and grapes [or apple]. Cuts into fruit (apples or grapes); serve them.

"I eat this last fruit of summer.
I am filled with the warmth
that has
ripened this fruit on the vine [or tree].
I taste the Sweetness of life in
the sun."

(Everyone eats, and pauses to think about the end of summer.) Place knife on altar. (If in group, Pan hands knife to Hecate. If solo, put down garland, take up torches or put on dark robe.) Say:

"Summer ends. Winter begins.
The fields lie fallow,
and the beasts sleep in their homes.
The Lord passes the mantle of guidance to the Lady
as the
nights grow cold and long."

Take blade & pomegranate. Cuts into it, serve it on plate. say:

"I eat this first fruit of winter.
I feel the chill that ripened this
fruit in the rind.
I taste the richness of life hidden away."

(Everyone eats, and pauses to think of what winter will bring.)

Worship & prayers

"Hekate Apotropaios, averter of evil--control the wrath of the dead, whose spirits cry out for vengeance, and who may lash out at anyone they can reach. Protect the living from their rage. Hecate Chthonia, lady of the underworld--you have dominion over the hostile spirits who wander; guide them to their resting places, and seal the gates between the worlds.

Hecate Phosphoros, light-bringer--bring us light and guidance as we stand in this doorway, this transition between peace and war. Let your torches show us the truths hidden in the shadows; lead us out of this darkness."

Remembrance & contemplation

"We now remember and honor those who have died this past year." Each person in circle goes to altar, and mentions someone who has passed in the last year that they will miss. If you have incense, each person lights a stick, or puts another pinch on the charcoal. (Or lights a candle.) If you have a token of the person (an item of theirs, or a photo), place it on the altar. (Doesn't have to be someone known personally.) Since last Samhain, I  mourn the passing of the following people:

George Harrison, musician
Peggy Lee, singer
Thor Heyerdahl, explorer
Ann Landers, advice columnist
Chuck Jones, animator.)

Continue until everyone in circle has had the chance to remember people.
Simple Feast

Cakes & wine, bread and juice, or whatever your group uses. Thank the Gods. Say:

"Pan, lord of the fields in summer,
thank you for your presence,
sharing your joy in life.
Before you depart to your winter realms,
we drink
deep in your honor

[raise cup, drink, spill some in libation bowl, pass it to next person if any]...

Hail Pan! Hail & farewell!"

"Hecate, lady of night & magic,
we thank you for your presence,
extending your protection to us.
Before you depart to take up your winter
we drink deep in your honor

[raise cup, drink, spill some in libation bowl, pass it to next person]

Hail Hecate! Hail & farewell!"

Dismiss the elements, Open the circle.

(Anyone who wants the long version can email me at Permission granted to use, copy or distribute, as long as credit is given and no money is charged.

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