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Wednesday What Herb is This - Honeysuckle

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This is taken in part from a series of articles Sarah The SwampWitch wrote in 1999 on the herbs that associated with the Sabbat of Mabon and in part from Lana's Grimoire


Latin name: Lonicera caprifolium, Lonicera Periclymenum.

Common names: Woodbine, Dutch Honeysuckle, Goats' Leaf.

Parts Used: Flowers, seeds, leaves.

The Honeysuckle is a favorite food of goats <LOL>. Used as a herbal remedy, Honeysuckle has an effect on salmonella and streptococcus. It can be used as an antibiotic to treat colds, flu, etc. Honeysuckle has expectorant and laxative properties. The flowers (in syrup form) have been used against diseases of the respiratory organs and in the treatment of asthma. The leaves (as a decoction) have been used to treat diseases of the liver and spleen. Strengthens and brings flexibility to the body. Helps heal sore throats, headaches and asthma.

Associations: Honeysuckle is an herb of mercury and mars, and is associated with the element of earth.

Magical Uses: Honeysuckle is an herb of the mind and prosperity. When the fresh herb is rubbed on the forehead, psychic abilities are heightened. In much the same way, if Honeysuckle oil is dabbed on the temples, the person will think quicker and clearer. Honeysuckle also adds memory. Honeysuckle is an important herb to use in prosperity spells and attract money spells. A green candle can be ringed with Honeysuckle flowers to attract money to the spell worker. In fact, Honeysuckle can be added to all prosperity incense or sachets. Honeysuckle is also an herb of devotion, fidelity and affection, and those who wear it will dream of their own true love. Honeysuckle is used for health, healing, love, luck, creativity and prophetic dreams. It can attract friends. Honeysuckle traditionally symbolizes bonds of love and is excellent for working with fidelity issues. Honeysuckle will help you tread safely whilst remaining true to yourself and helping you distinguish the truth. Wild honeysuckle, a binding plant with an iron grip, is a smothering plant controlling and containing the growth of it's neighbouring plants, all disguised beneath pretty delicate flowers and a honey sweet scent. For generations, honeysuckle has been the magical iron fist in the velvet glove, the controlling power behind the silent, seemingly sweet and innocent influence used to stifle the intentions of another. Yet for all it's prettiness and sweet fragrance, honeysuckle is a formidable power for control and influence, giving its user an iron grip over it's target, whilst allowing them ambiguity and maintaining the innocent exterior. A plant for hidden works, for secret intentions when it's best to operate in the dark. Much used in fidelity and love workings and to contain errant lovers. Strengthens the mind and memory. Balancing to the right and left brain. Awakens the crown and brow chakras, bringing psychic awareness. Induces prophetic dreams and assists one to let go of the past.

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