Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday This is Your Spell - Actually Game - Mabon Quest


(author unknown;from Persephone member of The Witches Three

Somewhere, but preferably in the great outdoors, find a white feather (for purity or to send harm away), a black feather (for surprises to come), and a blue feather (for messages of happiness).

Gather three acorns, marking each with a magic marker (red for love, green for money, and black for health).

Find a twig from an oak tree (for luck) and tie an orange string to it so you know it's from an oak; then find a twig from an apple tree (for love) and tie a red string to it.

Find a white stone (for things to be sent outward), a black stone (for things to come to you), and a gray stone (for things that may or may not happen).

Charge all items in a Magic Circle or Sacred Space, perhaps during the Mabon meal.

Write down on paper what each item stands for. Place all the items in a box and shake.

Each person playing then asks a question she or he wants an answer to. Without looking, reach in and pick an item. If the answer seems ambiguous, pick again. For example, picking out the apple twig and black stone means "love is coming," a green acorn and black stone means "money is coming," and so on.

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