Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday This Is Your Spell - Faery Spell For Wisdom

Faery Spell for Wisdom
You should call the autumn fae with respect and caution. for protection use St John's Wort and violet or rosemary sprigs.
This spell is for  wisdom and  magical experience.

Recommended location to do Spellworking:
Outside at the harvest full moon, in a place that is peaceful and private.

  • decorate with seasonal foliage and herbs.
  • 2 white lit votive candles in safe holders
  • a food offering suitable for the faery
  • a  ceramic bowl or glass goblet of drinking water, to capture the moonlight and the blessings of Selene 
  • a blanket, cushion or seat to sit on
Casting the Spell:
Sprinkle colorful autumn leaves all around - but away from - the candles. Add a few natural symbolic items for what you ask such as the apple, corn, and white flowers for the Goddess. Choose simple symbols of the harvest.
To begin, take up a few of the leaves and sprinkle on the ground  in a clockwise direction to cast your circle. As you cast this circle say:

By the light of the full moon 
I cast this sacred place
my magic will hold 
and  protection in place'

Sit within the circle. Be comfortable. Close your eyes and ground and center. Release your  stress and tensions. Breathe slowly into your nose and slowly out of your mouth until you  feel ready and relaxed. Open your eyes  slowly and say:

''At this time of the harvest, under the light of the moon
I ask the faeries wisdom, ask for a boon.
Open my eyes and show me thy ways
that I may use this knowledge to the good every day '

Settle in and enjoy the night letting your mind drift and opening your heart, taking  in the impressions you are given. When you feel ready to move on, pick up your water vessel, capture the moon's reflection for a moment, then toast the moon and drink a few sips.
Thank the Goddess in your own words for her blessings.

When ready stand up and open the circle by pointing to the ground and going round the circle doesil saying:
The circle is open but ever unbroken,
release the magic the charm is spoken'
Place or scatter your offerings and give spoken quiet thanks to the faery saying:
'I thank the faeries for their time and care,
I end this spell by the powers of earth, water, fire and air ''

Snuff out the candles and clean up. Pour the water onto the garden flowers or a flower in a pot to bless the plants. Keep the herbs and dry them - place them in your kitchen to use  for protection spells.
Pay close attention for the next few days as you may receive faery gifts. You could also be blessed with heightened sensitivity to natural beauty - the colors, scents and textures of nature. They may be sensual or vibrant. You may experience precognitive dreams or be aware of energy and power within  nature. Faery gifts given are different to each person, even if doing  this working in a group or with a partner. You could also feel disconnected or lose track of time for a few days.

 Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader's personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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Im not really a believer.
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