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Monday Make A - Apple Dolls

Apple Dolls submitted by Lady Skylark

Found in my collection, but also at Acorns Newsletter for Pagan Homeschoolers

You will need:

  • 1 large red apple
  • 1 Ear of DRIED corn
  • Several ears of fresh corn, preferably from your own garden.
  • 2 Whole Cloves
  • Patience
  • Paring Knife
  • lemon juice or vinegar (white)

With a paring knife peel the apple and carve a face in it making sure to exaggerate the features somewhat (shrinkage). Insert the cloves where the eyes will be. The apple will shrink around them. For an old-woman doll, REALLY exaggerate the features. For a child doll use a mostly flat face and just slightly cut a mouth-slit.

Render the dried corn from the husk - reserving the the silks and the outer husk. I save the dried corn for offerings later. The corn-cob becomes the "body"- you can shape it
(make an indentation for the waist) with your knife. Using the paring knife shave the narrow end of the cob to a point and impale the apple head upon it.

Paint the "Head" with lemon juice or white vinegar while you work. You don't want it to get too brown too fast.

Now for the FUN :)

The fresh cornsilk can be laid upon the 'head' in layers. It is held in place by green cornshuck - stripped down to 1/4" widths and wrapped over the head tightly and bound around the neck and tied to the body in a figure-8 medical wrap. Makes a bonnet.

Arms are fashioned in a similar manner by rolling the shucks lengthwise and bending in half. The same figure-8 is used to attach them. (Use a square-knot).

Now you can lay your doll down and begin on the 'Skirt'. Lay layers of shucks under the body and around to the waist (pointy side up). Strip several shucks into thin strips and tie a tight and thin belt to affix the skirt to the body.
Now the dried shucks. Use a LARGE dry shuck and split evenly in the middle lengthwise -just big enough for the head to fit through and no larger. Pull this "apron" over the "head" and then tie a large green cummerbund at the waist. I leave my dolls without panties:) But if you choose to add them you will add them prior to doing the skirt. Use 1 dried shuck and bind the bottom of the cob. THEN lie the doll down on the skirt-shucks and begin layering.

Apple = Symbolic of the Goddess
Clove = Symbolic of the God and His Seed
Shucks tied in thus manner = Symbolic of life's paths
Silk = Symbolic of fertility
Cob = Symbolic of death
Corn for Offering = Symbolic of life
Green vs Dried Shucks = Symbolic of the Cycle
Hope this helps. Grammy and I made these dolls and the old woman dolls - they look REALLY cool when they shrivel and are GREAT lil' witches at Samhain.
(Published in ACORNS; A Newsletter for Pagan Homeschoolers; Volume 2, Issue 3 Mabon, 1998)

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