Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday This Is Your Spell – Imbolc Hazel Spell

* Imbolc Hazel Spell *
by Edain McCoy; From Llewellyn's 2002 Witches' Datebook

The energy of the Hazel Moon is good for contacting spirits and for enhancing shape-shifting or astral projection rituals. It has a solid reputation of protective energy, especially useful for the protection of travelers. Hazel wood also makes an excellent shield for deflecting negative intent when made with this goal in mind. To craft a simplified version of a hazel shield to protect yourself, your home or office, your car, or your barn,

You will need:

  •  at least nine hazel nuts
  • some thin cord in gold or white
  • hammer and nail.

Empower the nuts as emblems of protection. Hammer a hole through them large enough for the cord, then string them together, making a binding knot between each. Hang these in your home and say,

"Hazel, raise the shield so high,

So tall and wide that none slips by;

Protect, deflect, and quell all bane,

Make all around me safe again."


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