Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Make A - Black Scrying Mirror

Scrying for Beginners by Donald Tyson

(This link will take you to what appears to be the majority of this book, available on line)

"Although you can use an ordinary mirror for scrying, it is easy to become distracted by the reflected image. Most seers prefer to use a black mirror that is specifically created for magic. Since you cannot (so far as I know) go into a store and buy a black mirror, it is necessary to make it. This is not really difficult. You will need only a piece of glass and a frame to hold it. Any frame for a photograph can be turned into a black mirror. Take the glass out of your picture frame and paint one side of it with black enamel. You will probably have to use two or three coats in order to make the paint completely opaque. Oil-based enamels are more durable, but they require a long time to dry.

Be sure to leave the glass until the paint is completely dry and hardened before returning it to its frame. You may have to allow it to dry two or even three days after giving it the final coat of paint. When you insert it into its frame, put it in with the glass side facing outward. If you have taken care to remove any hairs, dust, or lint from the glass before painting it, you will have made a perfect black mirror.

The advantage of a black mirror is that it reflects less light, and therefore is less distracting to the eye. It gives the gaze nothing to fix upon. This draws the awareness of the scryer into it, as though it were a midnight well of water. Silver mirrors have the drawback that they are designed to reflect images as brightly and clearly as possible. The scryer does not seek reflections, but visions. For this purpose, the black mirror is a superior tool."

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