Monday, September 1, 2008

Big Green Bus Arrested

Well, what a way to start the day, so to speak. I was reading my email, and ran across a post that contained this link : Big Green Bus Arrested. What in the world could that be about? So, I clicked on the link to the story. Go ahead, read it, I'll wait...
So, whatcha think..? Sounds like a bunch of crap to me. So I dug a little deeper, and went and checked out the blog listed in the article:
Skills For the New Millennium (damn I can't spell that word!) Tour. From their blog:
"The Permibus is a rolling demonstration of small scale sustainable living with three people, three dogs, three chickens, and a box of worms as permanent residence (sic). The chickens and worms are part of a closed-loop food productions composting system that supports the Permibus's traveling garden. For more information on the seizure of the Permibus, the Skills for the New Millennium Tour, or Permaculture, the Wilson's can be reached at 406-721-8427 or through email at You can also see pictures and read stories about the last six months of their educational adventures at Skills For the New Millennium Tour.

Now mind, I had never heard of these people before today, but I feel that, because I hadn't maybe many of YOU hadn't, so I wanted to pass this info along. Do I think my low readership blog will make a difference? Probably not, but maybe so. Maybe someone else, with a HIGH readership blog will read their story, and decide to post it on THEIR site. With links. In the comments section of the post for August 31 there are a slew of pictures, and some interesting comments about the RNC (Republican National Convention, for those of you who, like me, are politically challenged and have no idea what "RNC" stands for...).
I also did a bit of Google searching on RNC, and it seems the folks in Minnesota have a problem with people who are anti-republican. Granted, some of the items they confiscated couldn't possibly be used in a "peaceful protest" but other than the gas mask, caltrops and urine (ewwwww) many of those things are stuff I have in my garage. I dunno, maybe that group - or some of it's members - was planning hateful stuff, but I doubt seriously the folks from the bus were part of that plan, and being registered on their site isn't justification for having their home impounded...
Go check the information out and form your own opinions. Also from their blog:
To our supporters: First we ask that ask that as many people as possible contact precinct one in Minneapolis, MN at 612-673-5701 and Mayor Rybak at Phone: 612-673-2100 or call 311 or call 612-673-3000 outside Minneapolis and demand the immediate release of the Permibus.
We are also in desperate need of donations. Though we do not yet know the full cost of getting the permibus returned we know that it will include tow fee, impound fee, and legal fees. To donate, contact us directly for a local address, or...
Donate online:
Go to; Earth Activist Training
CLick on: Donate Now!
Under "Gift Information" write Permibus
Under "Please send acknowldgement to": write
Donate by Mail:
Make check payable to: A.C.T.
On the "for" line write: Permabus
Send check to A.C.T. 1405 Hillmount St Austin, TX 78704

As a rule, I'm not one to solicit or support requests for donations on line, as I am a bit of a cynic, and figure most of them for scams, but in this instance, I feel they are legitimately in need of assistance, based on being able to verify information via unconnected third-parties.
Ok, this isn't what I had intended to post for today, and hopefully I'll have better stuffs for you later, but for now, gotta go.
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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