Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Make A - Beltane Paper Plate Flower Decoration

Beltane Paper Plate Flower Decoration

Got the Winter Blues..? Ready for Spring to spring? As I sit here watching the snow fall out my window (Yes, it’s snowing, today April 6 in Indiana…) This is a fast and easy craft you can do with your witchlings to chase away the doldrums :)


You Need:

  • 6" paper plate
  • You will need the following artificial foliage, available at any craft store – (you could probably get them cheaper at Walmart)
    • 8 leaves, the long skinny ones,
    • 4 oak leaves
    • 1 large flower,
    • 1 daisy
    • 5 small flowers of differing, complimentary colors
  • 8” piece of complimentary colored suede cord
  • deep lilac, robin’s egg blue, bright pink, or bright yellow paint
  • masking tape
  • white craft glue
  • newspapers

Step By Step Instructions

Begin by covering your work area with newspaper. Using the paint, cover the surface of the plate. Remove the plastic stems from the backs of the leaves and arrange them around the top of the painted plate. Arrange them to your satisfaction – kids seem to have a natural talent for this kind of thing :) Using the craft glue, carefully lift each leaf, apply a thin line of glue to the part that will be on the plate, then put it back in place, pressing lightly to spread the glue and allow the leaf to “set” to the plate.

Cut as much stem from the flowers as you can without causing them to fall apart. Place the large flower in the middle of the plate, when you have it where you like it, apply a generous amount of glue and press it to the plate. Place one of the small flowers in the middle of the large one. Arrange the remaining small flowers around the bottom of the plate until satisfied, then glue the same way as the others.

When the glue is completely dry, cut the cord and secure it to the back of the plate for hanging. Tape it securely in place using the masking tape, and you’re done!

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