Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Special Stones – Precious & Semi-Precious Stones

Precious & Semiprecious Stones

To generate power, the stones listed below must be authentic, but they needn't be flawless or expensive.  Unpolished semiprecious stones are available for a few cents each; un-faceted stones can be bought for a dollar  or two. (Rock and craft shops are good places to find these gems.)

Amber beads are a strong protection against rheumatism. In any form, the stone wards off evil spirits, especially from children.
Worn in earrings, it brings love. Worn or carried anywhere else, it brings hope to the oppressed and protects travelers.
Engrave a frog on a piece of beryl and set the stone in gold. Anyone who touches the engraving will find its owner irresistible.
Coral loses its color when a friend is dying. It's also another protector of children.
Worn on the left hand, a diamond repels wild beasts and evil men. It's also a generally lucky gem, and insures fidelity in a lover.
An emerald set in gold helps its owner see into the future. Alone, it strengthens the memory and prevents possession by evil spirits.
This stone brings good health and is a powerful protection against nightmares.
Another protection from nightmares, as well as the bearer of general good fortune.
Lapis Lazuli
Worn as beads, it protects against black magic (as do all blue stones). In any form, it wards off melancholy and insomnia.
If a woman in love places a moonstone in her mouth during the full moon, she can see what the future holds for her and her beloved.
This stone protects a marriage from intruders; however, it can cause friends to quarrel.
While pearls improve the skin, cure fevers and bring tranquility; black pearls carry bad luck.
One of witchcraft's favorite stones, sapphires are reputed to bring peace, happiness, and to protect the eyes.
To cure a chest or rheumatic complaint, wear a topaz around the neck. Worn or carried anyplace else, it helps to locate buried treasure.
To patch up a quarrel between a husband and wife, give either spouse something made of turquoise; it brings peace to married life.

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