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Thursday This Is Your Spell – Snow ***Merry Christmas!!!***

* Invocation to the Snow Queen *
By Lilly Willow; © Copyright 2000

I looked and looked for a source for this, but couldn’t locate anywhere on the web. But I think it’s beautiful & should be shared… if this is yours, and you have a site you’d like others to visit, please contact me

Once upon a dark and frigid night,
through the still and silent forest,
a faint, cloaked figure beckons me.
The Snow Queen.

Her delicate alabaster hands
with their long pale icy fingers unfurl.
A blustery wind begins to chill my face,
as the sky's feathery flakes drift down,
blanketing the woods with alabaster.

Closer, and closer now, I see her breath,
soft puffs of tiny frosted crystals,
that catches the gossamer silvery moon's light
Whispering my name with her ancient voice,

I soon grow weary and curl up to rest.
She embraces me with her primordial ice
and then is gone, the Queen of Winter,
leaving no footprints in the snow.


Spell For Protection In The Snow
found on

You will need:

  • A non-metal bowl
  • One peppercorn
  • A pinch of salt
  • Pinch of powdered ginger
  • Pinch of powdered cloves
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper
  • A small square piece of red cloth (Preferably cotton)

Place the peppercorn in your bowl, visualize you traveling safely through the snow, guarded and protected. Say this:

"I charge you with protection.”

Place the salt in your bowl, visualize as above, and say:

"I charge you with stability."

Place the cayenne pepper in your bowl, visualize as above, and say:

"I charge you with warmth."

Place the ginger in your bowl, visualize as above, and say:

"I charge you with protection."

Place the cloves in your bowl, visualize as above, and say:

"I charge you with health."

Mix the assembled spices and salt with your fingers. Visualize yourself having safe travel, a protected and cozy time, happy play times in the snow, etc etc. Now transfer the herbs to the center of the cloth square. Fold in half, and then in half again and sew up the ends. Carry this with you during Winter tide. Make a new charm every snowy season.


Snow Magic
found at
Wiccan Information

Snow is nature’s purifier. It insulates plants and seeds against winter’s fury and cleanses the earth. Snow is the perfect element for winter rituals. To remove negativity from the home, try this snowball spell:
As the moon wanes, make a snowball and stand outside your home. Hold the snowball and visualize red light streaming from every window and door, collecting in the snowball. See the light changing from red to blue. Place the snowball on the ground as you say:

“I release all negative (or name a specific problem) and let it return to the earth.”

Let the snowball melt naturally. If you live in an area without snow, use ice. Before winter purification rituals, place snow or ice in a white bowl and let it melt. Anoint your forehead, heart, feet and magical tools with this water. Then proceed with your spell.


And for the witchlets….or anyone who needs a break, really *grin*

Spell to Make It Snow – Part 2 (Pt. 1 is here )
Source Unknown

You go outside and kind of like run in place, or you can just run in circles while you chant

"Snow, snow,
You're there I know;
Please come down and touch the ground
And make it white all around".

You have to do it at least four to five times.



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