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Monday Make A - Midsummer/Litha Witchlets Craft Ideas

Litha Spiral Candles: Litha Craft for Witchlings
by WindSeeker;
Cauldrons and Broomsticks


  • Decorating wax strips or preprinted wax logs
  • plain ball or short pillar candle(s)
  • craft or butter knife

Have your child choose a couple of colored wax strip combinations. Cut each strip into 2 pieces 2 ¾ “ long and on piece that is 2" long. Lay a short length of one color over a longer length of another color and roll them into a tight spiral log, ½ “ in diameter by 1 ½ " long. When you've got eight logs use the knife (adults or older children) to cut each log into as many slices as you can. Firmly press the wax slices all around the outside of the candle, starting at the base and working up. Continue placing the slices as close together as possible until the whole candle is covered.

Making Sand Candles
By Karyn Finnell


  • A bucket
  • Sand – damp
  • Stick
  • Wick
  • Wax
  • Double boiler or old coffee can & pot of water
  • Crayons (for colors)

Fill bucket with damp sand or, if at the beach, dig a hole in the sand until you reach sand that is damp enough so that in no longer caves in. Poke a few holes in the sand with a stick (3 for a cauldron style base or 4, one in each corner). These will become the "legs" of the candle. Wrap a wick around a stick and dangle the wick into the hole with the stick resting on the outside of the hole.

Carefully melt the wax over a fire or stove using double boiler or coffee can /pot of water – this serves just as well as a double boiler and it saves your good pans from becoming ruined and covered with wax. Using the crayons, you can color the wax. (Warning: Use only crayons without asbestos!!!!!) Peel the paper completely off the crayon and gently drop it into the melted wax. The more crayon you put in the wax the darker the color will become. Stir gently to make sure the color is well blended in the wax. Once the wax is melted and the crayon is blended, slowly, so as not to cave in the sand, pour the wax into your sand hole. Let the wax completely harden in the sand. When the wax is fully hardened, dig around the candle and ease

it out of the bucket or ground. Lightly dust off excess loose sand, leaving the outer part of the wax covered with sand. If you made legs on your candle it should stand on its own (if the legs are uneven, you can even them out by sitting the candle in a hot frying pan).

Other shapes can be made with a child's hand or foot pressed into the sand, or any other object that makes an interesting indentation. For more advanced candle-making, you can press sea shells into the sides of your sand hole before you pour the wax in. They will stick to the wax as it hardens.

Warning! When the wax melts it is Very, Very HOT. Never leave it unattended on a fire or stovetop. Wax also has a tendency to splatter, much like grease, so be careful. You do not have to bring the wax to a rolling boil in order to get it to melt. Take your time and be careful. You will have much more fun if you are safe : )

Happy candle making!

Pagan Candle Craft for Kids
posted by Aradiann

You will need:

  • 2 foil cupcake baking cups for each candle
  • 1/3 to ½ C wax per candle
  • Wicking

Children should have their own candles to which they can whisper their wishes for the coming season. Remove the paper inserts from two foil cups and put one cup in the other. Two layers give the mold enough stability to hold the wax. Using your thumbs and index fingers, pull and push the foil to form sun rays. Be sure that the sides are level with each other. If they're not, when you pour the wax, it will spill out. Pour the wax and insert the wick when the wax has just firmed. After the candle has cooled, remove the layers of foil. Float in water bowls and light.

Stained Glass Sun Catchers: Litha Craft for Witchlings
by WindSeeker;
Cauldrons and Broomsticks


  • Wax paper
  • Crayon shavings
  • Colored string
  • Yarn or thread
  • Lace
  • Leaves
  • Flower petals

To begin, have the child empty crayon shavings from their sharpener, or (adults only!) use a paring knife to create shavings. A cheese grater works great for large crayons. Arrange shavings, and any of the accessory items the child chooses and sandwich between two sheets of wax paper. Iron (adults, of course) the whole package on low setting, just until the shavings melt. Cut the "stained glass" into shapes and hang them with string, in a sunny window.

And here are some color correspondences for candles: Candle Color Meanings (remember, these are SOMEONE’S correspondences – yours may be very different – and that is perfectly acceptable!

  • Red - energy, strength, passion
  • Blue - wisdom, protection, creativity, communication, water, healing
  • Purple - spiritual power, psychic ability and energy, hidden knowledge
  • Silver - dreams, the goddess, intuition, telepathy, feminine power
  • Pink - love, peace, romantic, emotions,
  • Gold - wealth, god, happiness
  • Black - binding, protection, banishing negativity
  • Copper - money, growth
  • Yellow - sun, intelligence, memory
  • Green - fertility, money, tree magick, growth,
  • Brown - friendships, favors
  • White - the goddess, purity, spiritualism, peace

I am including one last craft idea - no wax involved - for those of you who may not be comfortable with the idea of children and hot wax. It's been my experience that children are much more capable than adults want to give them credit for, but each person has their own comfort level. With that in mind, here is a repost from May of 2008 - a last craft idea for today that involves no *hot* anything : )

Mud Cast
Inspired by: 'Magical Gardens' by Patricia Monighan.


  • Gather a bucket of dirt (from your own property if possible)
  • A small screen (the kind you find on your windows)
  • a serving platter lined with paper
  • a soil testing kit (optional - see below)
  • instant concrete
  • a carving tool of some sort
  • and a pitcher of water

Find a place you don't mind messing up...this can be pretty sloppy. Take several handfuls of soil and put them on the serving dish and make a mound of it in the center. Pour some water around your soil. Then use the soil testing kit (this step can be skipped if you either don't want to know the quality of your dirt, or if you took the dirt from somewhere other than your own garden). Add the instant concrete and mix it together as fast as you can. Shape it into a disk, then use your carving tool to form a spiral sun symbol, or some other representation of the sun.

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