Monday, April 21, 2008


Let me start by saying I am a witch. No, not b*tch spelled nicely. A magic practicing, spell casting, broom flying (not really) witch. I will also answer to pagan. I am not a Satanist, although I do consider this to be a valid worship choice. As a matter-of-fact, I consider most all personal choices valid for the person who makes them...but I digress. I do not worship the Devil, sacrifice small animals or children (although there are days when my 5 year old pushes me close to that point, as I am sure all you Moms out there can relate to), I don't dance naked (anymore) around a bonfire (never around a bonfire, the ashes & cinders & salamanders, burning, flying, naked skin, bad combination....). I am not a Wiccan, although I have in rare instances, like hospital registration, claimed Wicca as my religion because it is just easier than trying to explain what I am...I do have an altar in my home.

I have a Civil War spirit that seems to have attached himself to me. Many have scoffed at this statement, but after a few visits to my home, most have been completely convinced of the truth of it. We have named him Clem, which is short for kleptomaniac, as he likes to take stuff. If you ask nicely, in front of Goddess & everyone, he will return said item, usually in short order. But you have to say please. And it has to be a public request - you can't go off by yourself into another room and ask, it won't work. Clem will take anything, and when it is returned, you will find it placed in a "wide open space" where at least three people have looked 4 times each. Like the middle of an empty dining room table...but more on Clem's adventures later. I also have a spirit cat. He's black (go figger...). He doesn't make his presence felt as strongly or as frequently as Clem does, and he doesn't take stuff. He seems to be a protective spirit, and usually becomes more active as my life becomes unsettled.

My husband has this mega-intense energy around him, that seems to "do it all" protect, warn, open channels of communication, etc.

Our son...well, our boy is 5, and he is, apparently, very powerful. He has 3 dragons that surround him. One is Copper, and was the first to allow itself to be seen - by me. The boy was about a month old. He was asleep in his bassinet in our room, and I had come to the end of the hall to check on him. I saw something copper-colored, about knee-high go into the room, just as I looked down the hall. I didn't think much of it as we had a dog at the time, her name was Chai, and she looked like an Irish Setter that had gone through a shrinkray, consequently making her about knee-high. And she loved that boy :) I figured it was her, and didn't think anymore about it. Until I went into the living room to find her curled up contentedly on my hunny's lap...ok.
There is also a white one who revealed herself first to my husband (over five years, I have been given to know that the black is male and the white is female. The copper is pretty much a bodyguard, the white is guardian of emotional and mental related things, and the black is kinda the big dog - he guards wherever the boy may be. This is all the knowledge I have been granted...). Our boy was coming up on a year old, and there were Christmas decorations up. (Yes, I said Christmas, not Yule. It has been "Christmas" to me for well over 35 years, and will always be "Christmas". I know the background, and disinformation put forth by other faiths, and frankly I don't care. Why does it matter what we call it..?) My hunny was standing at the kitchen sink, and I saw him kinda jump from the corner of my eye. I turned to look at him fully and he looked kinda shell-shocked. When I asked what the problem was, he explained that he had just met the boy's white dragon - or at least been graced with a glimpse of her. My hunny is also a witch, and believes every bit as much as I do, but he was shook up. The way he explained it, which makes perfect sense to me, is that you can believe something you can't see with all your heart. But you also have the knowledge that you will probably never see it, either. (Ghosts are a good example of this) So when you do, all of a sudden, get a glimpse, it can be a bit of a shock. Believing & seeing aren't the same thing. And because we don't need to see to believe, we are thoroughly surprised when we do.

The final dragon is a Black one. I have only seen him from the corner of my eye, or as I am drifting towards sleep. But he is the one I see most often.

Our boy is also an awesome healer. He has demonstrated this on several occasions, but the one that stands out most vividly is the first time he did it "on purpose." He was about 3ish. My hunny is a big, strong, rarely-ever-gets-sick-for-more-than-half-a-day redneck of a man. He does however have migraines. Big, ugly migraines. From playing cards at his parents, joking & having fun, to white as a ghost, sweating, puking, and on the way to the hospital in a matter of 10 minutes. Scary stuff, to me. He has self-injectable medicine, now, but doesn't use it unless he absolutely can't get around it as it knocks him out/loopy for about a day and a half (no tolerance for pain meds AT ALL).

On this particular day, he was sitting in the living room, looking limp & pale. He had taken some Aleve, and was almost to the point of taking a shot. I was doing laundry (typical Sunday chores) and running up and down the basement stairs. We still had a gate up, as those stairs just plain out scared me when my boy got close, very slick, very steep. So, hunny is in the chair, and the boy was at the top of the stairs waiting for me to come back up. He hollered something down to me, and I went to the top of the stairs and explained that Daddy's head hurt really bad, and loud noises made it worse, so please don't yell anymore. I went back downstairs (man I don't miss having to go to the basement to do laundry) to complete the laundry shuffle. About 5-10 minutes later I came back up, laundry basket full of clean clothes, and climbed over the gate. My boy was on the kitchen floor playing with his cars, and my hunny was looking at him kinda oddly, and looking decidedly less limp & pale. Apparently, when I went back downstairs, that special little boy went over to his father. He said he was sorry that Daddy's head hurt, kissed him gently on the head, ran his little hand from forehead to crown, licked his fingers and rubbed Daddy's forehead twice with the first two fingers of his right hand. The headache was gone within two minutes, according to my hunny. Anyone who has ever had a migraine knows what a big deal this is. A huge deal. To our boy, it just was. no. big. deal. He was playing as if nothing magical had just occurred, which to me is most magical of all. No need to brag, no need for acknowledgement beyond a thank you from Daddy. Just another thing he had done, and would do again.

This child is also psychic. Very psychic. He has proven this on more occasions than I can count. I will create a post on just this subject in the near future, there is just too much to cover here, but trust me, it's true & it's proven - at least to me & everyone around him, both pagan and non-pagan alike.

Hmmmm, I guess I tend to ramble & wander in thoughts, sorry if anyone is getting dizzy...

Okay, now that you have a little background, I can get down to business :) I am going to try to post spells, rituals, associations, crafts, stories, opinions, and various other assorted stuffs. I imagine a bit of my personal life will creep in here, too. How could it not..? With the way my minds wanders and roams. If I ever leave you truly confused, please let me know and I will try to correct that. I hope something here will be helpful to someone.

Ok that's enough for now :)

See ya laterzzzzzz!

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D said...

Well, I wouldn't say witch is just a nice way of saying b**ch to describe you.... you're both, and you know it! When you get a chance, give me a call. I'd like to get together again sometime soon.

sama said...

this is terrific! good girl!

well done, kiddo!